Sobre a praia de Maracajaú.

In Maracajaú there are activities for every taste, from deep dives in shipwrecks, through horseback riding, beach buggy rides along desert beaches, and calm moments appreciating the sun set from the top of the dunes.  

Diving: Diving is nowadays the most usual activity in Maracajaú, and snorkeling in the parrachos (formations of corals 4 miles from the beach) is the one that attracts more visitors to the area. Besides this type of diving, there is also the one practiced professionally by fishermen, who live on what the sea has to offer them. That activates the economy of the area. For the adventurers, there are several shipwrecks, like São Luís Cargo Ship. However, there are no companies that manage routinely diving in the shipwrecks. Maracajaú is part of a Nature Conservation Area where it is prohibited any type of submarine hunt. 

Beach Buggy Rides: Traditional in Rio Grande do Norte, beach buggies are the best way to appreciate the beaches and dunes of the area and the incredible sights  that these places provide us.  

Fishing: sporting fishing is allowed in Maracajaú and there is an infinite number of fishes in the area. Here you can easily find yellowtail snappers, mullets, dentexes, mackerels, barracudas, croakers and soles, among others.  The options of transfer are also varied. Either modern motorboats, motorized boats or rafts can take the visitors to the best fisheries.   

Raft rides: they provide total contact with the nature, taking visitors to beautiful landscapes. 

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